About Us

We are one the best places to go for Mixed Martial Arts in the Lower Mainland. 
Why its impotant to learn martial Arts?

Learning martial arts teaches you to mentally and physically refrain from violence and only use it for self-defense when it’s the last resort. Martial artists will try to refrain from conflict and use non-violent conflict resolution skills, emphasizing the importance of avoiding a physical altercation. In the real world, it’s equivalent to having the mental discipline to refrain from getting into fights with aggresive people. We also have a spacious studio and quality equipment. Our focus is intense training but we never forget to have fun. Enjoy your workout and you will want to come back for more.

Come join the Ultraforce team and see what it's all about!

OUR Schedule

We offer classes in the evening during the week when its convenient for you.
 Little ninjas
5:00-5:30pm    Mon, Wed, Fri
Kids (bjj)
5:30-6:15pm    Wednesday
Kids (kb)
5:30-6:15pmMonday & Friday
Tn & adlt (kb)
6:30-7:30pm  Mon, Wed, Fri
Tn & Adlt (bjj)
7:45-9:00pm  Mon, Wed, Fri
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